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Introducing a new level of nicotine to our e-juice products

We've recently switched the nicotine used in all of our ejuice products to deliver the highest quality nicotine available on the market today.  We now use Chemnovatic which is considered probably the purest nicotine on the market. At Chemnovatic they use ONLY the purest Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol available on the market to act as a nicotine carrier liquid in their nicotine bases. Chemnovatic's nicotine is used by major e-juice manufactures from around the world and is a leader in the development of pure nicotine base products. 

Their NicBase nicotine bases are manufactured in a professional, clean production facility to avoid any cross contamination and impurities getting into their products. Additionally the manufacturing process of high content nicotine bases has been designed in a way that eliminates oxygen contact during mixing, pouring and sealing the final product. This reduces nicotine oxidation to an absolute minimum.

As a result their unflavored nicotine bases are completely tasteless, colorless and odorless so not to influence the taste and smell of the e-liquid we manufacture.