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Nic Salts Tripoli Tobacco Blend Shake and Vape e-Juice by Airship

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Nic Salts Tripoli e-Juice by Airship


Airship Tripoli The rich taste of a ripe fig blended with sweet vanillas, toasted almonds and a Turkish blend of tobacco as a wonderful accent. This is one of those flavors that just gets better with age. The nicotine salt maintains the amazing flavor without compromising taste while consistently satisfying your nicotine craving. Nicotine Salts are a natural form of nicotine and is absorbed into the bloodstream like a regular cigarette with zero taste. Try our Aspire Breeze AIO with nic salts. This is the same nicotine used by the JUUL and cheaper. 

All Natural Water Soluble Flavoring. Ingredients: Natural Flavoring, Triacetin and Ethanol. USP Kosher Grade Flavoring. Independently laboratory tested Diacetyl free. Please Note: (Shake well before use). 

Product Reviews

  1. Nic Salts Tripolia

    Posted by William Loeffler on 9th Jul 2018

    I was glad that I received an email requesting reviews for this product as I was going to request the vendor to be able to provide them with feedback. This is the third product from this company of this type with Nic Salts that I have tried. I began with the 3 mg and then proceeded to the 6 mg and this purchase was for the 12 mg. I was particularly interested in writing a review because I have read many vendors advising people to go with only the 3mg or the 6 mg, as the others are purportedly too strong depending on the type of coils used. I have used all three with an iStick Pico with the GS Air head and have had no problems with either the 3mg or the 6 mg being too strong. The 12 mg seems about right to me. A lot of it probably has to do with usage habits and how deeply one inhales and how often one inhales but generally I have trouble getting any "buzz" off of free base nicotine even at 24%. I also believe that different individuals are likely to process nicotine differently which probably accounts for why some people seem to get easily addicted to cigarettes (not me) and others do not. I have been a cigar and pipe smoker on and off and have picked them up and then left them behind cold turkey after indulging for years and then picked them up again after letting years go by. I vape mostly because I believe that nicotine is beneficial to health outside the context of cigarettes without the smoke and mess. I also enjoy vaping because vaping is relaxing and cool. Sir Walter Raleigh knew that inhaling smoke and then exhaling it and watching it go was fun and that remains just as true for vaping. It is conducive to contemplative thinking. I also find myself around cigarette smokers at times and I vape while they smoke and everything is copacetic.

    This blend is light and tasty and also has enough tobacco bite to be pleasurable. I would recommend that most people start at 6 mg and then either go up or down from there. You might as well get the most nicotine for your buck that you can process and enjoy. The bottles are easy to use compared to the Chinese types that have open mouths, and the tips fit in nicely to fill my Pico and iStick Basic. It particularly goes well with the IStick Basic which has a smaller receptacle to fill and which produces less vapor so having stronger Nic salts in this device works nicely. With the 12 mg blend, I can noticeably appreciate the higher nicotine strength, especially in the mornings when I am trying to get going. With the instant 12 mg purchase, I kept the recommended levels of sweetness and pg/vg ratios but I have added extra sweetness in the past and that was nice too. A handful of bottles of this are likely to last most people a year which takes the pecuniary considerations out of the picture. When I started vaping with smaller bottles at the local stores, I was spending about as much on liquids as many people spend per year on cigarettes and I was no addict and so since I wasn't doing it to prevent cancer or to eliminate heart disease by stopping smoking, I needed to find a way to enjoy this hobby without breaking the bank. This, together with blends that contain real tobacco extracts, seems to be the future and a much improved future it will be for people who enjoy and want to continue to enjoy tobacco products without worrying about harming their health or breaking the bank.

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